Scalable Digital-Age Solutions from Farm-to-Fork to Gain Competitive Advantage.

Growing demand in terms of quantity and quality of food, cut-throat competition for affordable production and processing, are slashing profits for those in Food Tech businesses. New age problems seek digital solutions now more than ever. Our agile, nimble, and suit-to specific-needs digital solutions are need-of-the-hour ingredients to foster success.

Food Industry can rank high on Customer-Satisfaction Metrics with Nimbleness.

Streamline is a digital innovation company with multi-faceted and cutting-edge solutions for food tech industry, like, online grocery store, on-demand food delivery apps and web solutions. Our experts leverage evolving technology & digital opportunities to meet millennial expectations, strict regulations and overcome wavering profit margins.

Aiming at big yield, better quality, safe production, and fast distribution we employ design thinking strategy to optimize processes, innovate products for great customer experience.

Our Offerings

Manufacturing & Software Development

We build comprehensive software solutions for food production, manufacturing, Quality control, CRMs, ERPs and traceability systems on-premises, and cloud, mobile and hybrid platforms that streamline your workflows.

Quality Control & Management Software

Streamline creates custom-built solutions that monitor temperature, moisture, and environmental conditions and work in compliance with HACCP, HARPC, ISO 22000, COA standards of quality control via vendor portals, web and mobile applications

Delivery Apps & Traceability Applications

Easy to track, account and monitor real-time inventory systems that foster hassle-free food & grocery distribution at each step. Our customer facing mobile apps facilitate for easy barcode scanning, GPS tracking for smooth distribution and delivery.

Inventory Management & ERP Systems

Warehouse management becomes simple when they are automated in real-time to monitor product lifecycle, stock checks, purchase, payments, and distribution. We integrate ERP systems with CRM, MES, supply chain and accounting for efficiency.

Why Should You Choose Us?

At Streamline, we fabricate custom digital solutions to make your business operations scalable for sudden demand surge in time efficient, cost saving manner.

Agile Team of Developers

We have built a strong ecosystem of developers, subject experts and testers to define and scale technology development and innovation.

Best-in-Class Infrastructure

Our seasoned developers use advanced tools and technologies to develop demand forecast and supply chain management solutions that facilitate on-time upgrades for both front- and back-of-the house operations.


Our development framework, powered by agile methodologies, delivers advanced applications in brisk and shelves rapid growth.

Hyper Relevant

Our cross-industry experience helps us stay relevant and create flexible long-term solutions that align with our clients’ growth objectives, today and tomorrow.

Transparency & Accountability

Transparency is of the essence for our company. We provide regular insights on every aspect of the work done and stay accountable for the decisions made.

Client-Focused Engagement Models

We offer an array of engagement models that help our clients seamlessly collaborate with us while optimizing cost and staff allocation.