Our intention at Streamline is to meet client expectations by defining our conduct in seven key areas which are used by our clients to evaluate us…only you can help to determine this!

  1. To gain a deep awareness of your needs and your end goal objectives.
  2. To initiate clarity by listing the project scope details in the contract (we call this the clarity document) and make necessary revisions, if changes occur along the way.
  3. Being fully committed and passionate about your project by completing it on time, on budget, and meeting your expectations
  4. Embrace a can-do attitude. In today’s world, almost anything that can be imagined, can be built and executed!
  5. To not only persevere when faced with a challenge but to be ready to provide out of the box innovation that is powered by an astute awareness of available technologies.
  6. Not sell or push services/products or doing anything that is not in your best interest.
  7. Integrity to establish a high TQ (Trust Quotient) between us…it’s our responsibility to build your trust in us.

The Process:

To initiate a review of this document before we start the project, during and on completion of the project.

Engage with us as you Like!

Our understanding of business & software is how we exceed your expectations