Worldwide human and financial crisis due to the novel coronavirus has brought many businesses down on their knees. Pause and think for a moment. What change COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon you? Lifestyle, office work-culture, eating practices, life approach, and even your habits, right?  

Work from home is the new normal now. Industries are transforming digitally from offline to online, and serving their customers remotely. Let’s look at the top 5 industries that are probing their challenge into an opportunity and gearing up for the post-pandemic world.  

Startups and unicorns are progressively leveraging the high-end technology solutions with COVID-19 safety protocols. Results? Happy employees and happier customers. The newgen digital approach takes the customer-employee-centric approach. It’s time, you too make smart business decisions with Streamline and deliver solutions your customers seek in the post pandemic world. 

Let’s look at top 5 industries and what they are doing to thrive post-pandemic:

1. Education

The institutes, schools, and regular classes on campus are on hold from the beginning of the lockdown. But, thanks to virtual classrooms, learning is uninterrupted. 

Need gives birth to innovation. Online learning or e-learning has become a popular trend for being the most viable solution for education service providers. These virtual learning platforms are getting incredible responses from students. This way of learning gives them more personalized, engaging, and interactive learning solutions. 

2. Health Care Industry

Worldwide health emergency, has poised to be an excellent opportunity for the healthcare industry. Baby boomer generation is facing the imminent threat of weaker immunity and looking forward to work on it. ‘Stay home Stay fit’ is their new motto. People are actively signing up for wellness program, building resilience, taking virtual Yoga sessions to increase their immunity and ensure well-being.

On the other front, online doctor appointments, tele consultations, on-demand medicine delivery, e-opinions, buying health insurance online; have become quite popular. Healthcare businesses keen on providing a safe and secure environment are meant to thrive in future as well.

3. Digital transformation solution providers

Since the arrival of COVID-19 infections, job trends have changed dramatically. The use of video conferencing apps has become common replacement for habitual face to face interactions with colleagues or for online meet ups.

Remote collaboration tools have experienced a profound rise in popularity.

For many online service provider companies, the pandemic has given an option to test for work from home readiness. The work from the home culture is suitable for both companies as well as employees. The company can save huge money on in-house supplies, servers, and utilities and employees can eliminate their commute and work at the comfort of sitting at home.

You can expect exceptional development in the fields of augmented reality and virtual reality. The digital transformation of knowledge and shareable things will be more secured and safe in the future. So, there is broad scope in the remote assistance IT solutions in the future.

4. On Demand Delivery Apps

From groceries to stationary, brick and mortar stores are now outdated. People are preferring online retail platforms for groceries and their day to day needs. Big players like Amazon, Walmart were quick to analyse this need and are capitalizing on this trend. They offer lucrative discounts on groceries and ensure that these essential items are delivered at your doorsteps in minimum time. The COVID-19 lockdown has altogether changed the mind-sets of people and encourages them to switch to online grocery shopping.

5. Online food delivery

The safety protocols in the current scenarios make you afraid of going to a restaurant and eat the mouth-watering dishes. Turn this situation into a new opportunity with an online food delivery solution can help you amazingly. Zomato, UberEats, GrubHub are some top players in the online food delivery industry. You can satiate your food cravings on different days of the week at the comfort of your home.

Wrapping up

The future is here for these 5 industries and is almost here for the rest. You are breathing in the new technological environment today. If you employ right technology at the right time, your business is bound to grow across the sphere with no boundaries.

There will be no better time than this to streamline your business, transform manual efficiency with digital intelligence. Being one of the advanced and mobile app development company in Canada, we deliver you innovative custom solutions to turn your idea into reality at affordable costs.

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