Streamline your business

It all changed leaving us amazed. Organization facing difficulties in streamlining their businesses post pandemic. Nobody has predicted anything about the current situation. Uncertainty is the only sure aspect as it seems nowadays. Many of the businesses got affected worldwide. Businessmen and company owners along with their employees go through tremendous confusion. And it’s unknown what lies ahead.

So, what to do next?

Can we stop living and dreaming? As we can’t step out of home, can’t open offices, how we will manage our businesses?

Calm down! We are living in a technical era, we are smart people. We have access to the internet and the latest technologies.

Nowadays, people are placing their food orders online with the help of mobile applications. There are myriad options for satiating our taste buds without the need to visit a restaurant. Restaurants are making their businesses online with the help of the latest technologies, so why don’t you?

Shopify – the best web solution to make your business online

Shopify is an amazing eCommerce web technology to streamline your business irrespective of its size. From creating an eCommerce store to integrating your offline POS, it’s just an amazing web solution for making your business online. An IT company can deliver you the best storefront for your offline business and you can sell online using Shopify technology. Amid the pandemic, many of the start-ups have started their businesses with Shopify web solutions and they are doing great.

You can manage your sales, payment, delivery, product catalog, product pricing; everything with this convenient platform.

Managed server and firewall improves the business function

Professionals can manage your network and server and it would cut down lots of disruptions to your on-going business. Your business will have 24/7 protection, that it requires. You will have your managed /dedicated server for keeping all your business data safe and secure.

Firewall professionals even track the network for possible security risks, so that they can respond timely to warnings. When you hire a reputed managed firewall service provider, they ensure that business runs smoothly with the new technologies implementation. They also take care of any security regulatory standards that may affect your business.

A managed server and firewall monitors the organizational smooth process and helps you in keeping your business protected against any potential threats.

Chatbots assisting with the daily tasks

There are so many activities that most employees have to do themselves which are low in intricacy and time-consuming.

Such as – scheduling meetings across calendars; reserving meeting rooms, posting hours, requesting time off; giving auto-response to the customer queries on the website; etc.

A significant impact on concentration and productivity is the collective breaks one takes from the work to get organized.

Yet this is exactly the case of usage that a bot can manage with natural language processing capabilities. Here chatbots can be used to enable employees to reduce the response time of these tasks significantly.

Businesses are integrating chatbots as an alternative to customer support professionals as well. It’s good in this pandemic to stay connected with your customers with the help of chatbots.

Reap the benefits of video conferencing app

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Google Meet has exploded in popularity, with everyone jumping on the bandwagon from Britain’s prime minister to Silicon Valley.

Zoom has cemented its position as one of the most popular video conferencing apps for a lot of businesses and individuals. Live online conferencing tools provide quite a few benefits with businesses that have to operate remotely, above and beyond a platform’s text connections like Slack. You can now even record the live session and publish it on other platforms as well.

Productivity monitoring with attendance management software

Employee presence can be monitored reliably by software that records the time. Businesses are using several apps to track the workforces’ working hours, their leaves/holidays, shift changes, attendance, and everything. Even your remote staff can punch in and out from anywhere to record the attendance and shift timing-related data. You can keep an eye on your employees from anywhere, anytime

Apart from these, there are employee management web solutions like Trello and Slack that can help you in keeping regular interaction with your employees. With the most-modern business-grade settings, you can easily streamline your business effectively.

What to do now:

To get customized IT solutions to streamline your business, contact the dedicated team of Streamline Your Business. You can outsource your IT needs to a dedicated agency like this and they will keep streamlining your businesses the way you want.